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Список команд

wchangeСинтаксис: .wchange #weathertype #status
Set current weather to #weathertype with an intensity of #status.
#weathertype can be 1 for rain, 2 for snow, and 3 for sand. #status can be 0 for disabled, and 1 for enabled.
whispersСинтаксис: .whispers on|off
nable/disable accepting whispers by GM from players. By default use trinityd.conf setting.
wpСинтаксис: wp $subcommand Type .wp to see a list of possible subcommands or .help wp $subcommand to see info on the subcommand.
wp addСинтаксис: .wp add
Add a waypoint for the selected creature at your current position.
wp eventСинтаксис: .wp event $subcommand Type .path event to see the list of possible subcommands or .help path event $subcommand to see info on subcommands.
wp loadСинтаксис: .wp load $pathid Load pathid number for selected creature. Creature must have no waypoint data.
wp modifyСинтаксис:
wp reloadСинтаксис: .wp reload $pathid Load path changes ingame - IMPORTANT: must be applied first for new paths before .wp load #pathid
wp showСинтаксис: .wp show $option Options: on $pathid (or selected creature with loaded path) - Show path first $pathid (or selected creature with loaded path) - Show first waypoint in path last $pathid (or selected creature with loaded path) - Show last waypoint in path off - Hide all paths info $selected_waypoint - Show info for selected waypoint.
wp unloadСинтаксис: .wp unload Unload path for selected creature.
wpgpsСинтаксис: .wpgps Output current position to sql developer log as partial SQL query to be used in pathing
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11