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Список команд

guild infoShows information about target's guild or a given guild identifier or name.
guild inviteСинтаксис: .guild invite [$CharacterName] "$GuildName"
Присоединяет персонажа с именем $CharacterName (или выбранного) к гильдии $GuildName. Название гильдии должно быть в кавычках.
guild rankСинтаксис: .guild rank [$CharacterName] #Rank
Устанавливает для персонажа $CharacterName (или выбранного) ранк #Rank в гильдии.
guild renameСинтаксис: .guild rename "$GuildName" "$NewGuildName" Rename a guild named $GuildName with $NewGuildName. Guild name and new guild name must in quotes.
guild uninviteСинтаксис: .guild uninvite [$CharacterName]
Выбрасывает персонажа с именем $CharacterName (или выбранного) из гильдии.
helpСинтаксис: .help [$command]
Показывает инструкции по использованию выбранной команды $command. Если $command не указана, выводит список доступных команд.
honorСинтаксис: .honor $subcommand Type .honor to see the list of possible subcommands or .help honor $subcommand to see info on subcommands
honor addСинтаксис: .honor add $amount
Add a certain amount of honor (gained today) to the selected player.
honor add killСинтаксис: .honor add kill
Add the targeted unit as one of your pvp kills today (you only get honor if it's a racial leader or a player)
honor updateСинтаксис: .honor update
Force the yesterday's honor fields to be updated with today's data, which will get reset for the selected player.
instanceСинтаксис: .instance $subcommand Type .instance to see the list of possible subcommands or .help instance $subcommand to see info on subcommands
instance getbossstateСинтаксис: .instance getbossstate $bossId [$Name]
ets the current EncounterState for the provided boss id.
f no character name is provided, the current map will be used as target.
instance listbindsСинтаксис: .instance listbinds
Lists the binds of the selected player.
instance savedataСинтаксис: .instance savedata
Save the InstanceData for the current player's map to the DB.
instance setbossstateСинтаксис: .instance setbossstate $bossId $encounterState [$Name]
ets the EncounterState for the given boss id to a new value. EncounterStates range from 0 to 5.
f no character name is provided, the current map will be used as target.
instance statsСинтаксис: .instance stats
Shows statistics about instances.
learnСинтаксис: .learn #spell [all]
Selected character learn a spell of id #spell. If 'all' provided then all ranks learned.
learn allСинтаксис:
learn all craftsСинтаксис: .learn crafts
Learn all professions and recipes.
learn all defaultСинтаксис: .learn all default [$playername]
Learn for selected/$playername player all default spells for his race/class and spells rewarded by completed quests.
learn all langСинтаксис: .learn all lang
Learn all languages
learn all myСинтаксис:
learn all my classСинтаксис: .learn all my class
Learn all spells and talents available for his class.
learn all my pettalentsСинтаксис: .learn all my pettalents
Learn all talents for your pet available for his creature type (only for hunter pets).
learn all my spellsСинтаксис: .learn all my spells
Learn all spells (except talents and spells with first rank learned as talent) available for his class.
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