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Список команд

npc follow stopСинтаксис: .npc follow stop
Selected creature (non pet) stop follow you.
npc infoСинтаксис: .npc info
Display a list of details for the selected creature.
The list includes:
GUID, Faction, NPC flags, Entry ID, Model ID,
Health (current/maximum),
- Field flags, dynamic flags, faction template,
Position information,
and the creature type, e.g. if the creature is a vendor.
npc moveСинтаксис: .npc move [#creature_guid]
Move the targeted creature spawn point to your coordinates.
npc nearСинтаксис:
npc playemoteСинтаксис: .npc playemote #emoteid
Make the selected creature emote with an emote of id #emoteid.
npc sayСинтаксис: .npc say $message Make selected creature say specified message.
npc showlootСинтаксис: .npc showloot [all] Shows the loot contained in targeted dead creature.
npc textemoteСинтаксис: .npc textemote #emoteid
Make the selected creature to do textemote with an emote of id #emoteid.
npc whisperСинтаксис: .npc whisper #playerguid #text
ake the selected npc whisper #text to #playerguid.
npc yellСинтаксис: .npc yell $message Make selected creature yell specified message.
petСинтаксис: .pet $subcommand Type .pet to see the list of possible subcommands or .help pet $subcommand to see info on subcommands
pet createСинтаксис: .pet create
Creates a pet of the selected creature.
pet levelСинтаксис: .pet level #dLevel Increases/decreases the pet's level by #dLevel. Pet's level cannot exceed the owner's level.
pet unlearnСинтаксис: .pet unlean
unLearn #spellid to pet.
pinfoСинтаксис: .pinfo [$player_name/#GUID]
Output account information and guild information for selected player or player find by $player_name or #GUID.
pvpstatsShows number of battleground victories in the last 7 days
questСинтаксис: .quest $subcommand Type .quest to see the list of possible subcommands or .help quest $subcommand to see info on subcommands
quest addСинтаксис: .quest add #quest_id
Add to character quest log quest #quest_id. Quest started from item can't be added by this command but correct .additem call provided in command output.
quest completeСинтаксис: .quest complete #questid
ark all quest objectives as completed for target character active quest. After this target character can go and get quest reward.
quest removeСинтаксис: .quest remove #quest_id
Set quest #quest_id state to not completed and not active (and remove from active quest list) for selected player.
quest rewardСинтаксис: .quest reward #questId Grants quest reward to selected player and removes quest from his log (quest must be in completed state).
recallСинтаксис: .recall [$playername]
Teleport $playername or selected player to the place where he has been before last use of a teleportation command. If no $playername is entered and no player is selected, it will teleport you.
reload quest_greeting_localeСинтаксис: .reload quest_greeting_locale Reload quest_greeting_locale table.
repairitemsСинтаксис: .repairitems
Чинит все предметы выбранного персонажа.
resetСинтаксис: .reset $subcommand Type .reset to see the list of possible subcommands or .help reset $subcommand to see info on subcommands
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